Mar 14, 2017

Read an article by Renee Stinar, Director of Hope Lutheran Preschool in Eagle ID, recently needed to find additional funds to attend ELEA professional development.

Written by Renee Stinar, ELEA Region 1 Ambassador

Continuing Education is an integral part in any educational setting. This past December, I attended my local (Eagle, Idaho) Lion's Club meeting. I spoke on the importance of attending conferences, attaining education and training that are applicable to being the best my your field of work.  I was able to share information about my preschool (Hope Lutheran Preschool), how we offer scholarships to our community and how out of 54 enrolled children only 4 of them attend church at Hope. I talked about the conference in Norfolk and a Region 1 conference in Everett. Low and behold about 2 weeks before IGNITE I received a call that the Lion's Club wanted to donate a $1500 scholarship. God is good!!
My name is Renee Stinar and I attended the ELEA IGNITE Conference in Norfolk, Virginia. This is an amazing conference to network and learn to achieve the highest quality programming possible. Not only do I believe that this conference feeds and nourishes me to better do my job but it also reinforces friendships, resources and mentors that help support me and my position as Director at Hope. Bootcamp was the bridge to attending IGNITE for me. It brought clarity and insight into the resources that the ELEA has to offer. This insight broadened my thinking in many areas including staffing, church and preschool relations, policy and procedures, budgeting and mentoring. I really feel that ELEA Boot Camp was one of the biggest blessings to me personally and professionally. If you haven't had the chance to attend ELEA Boot Camp, please check it out!! It is definitely time well spent for you and your school. Check it out and make the commitment today, I promise you that Boot Camp will enrich you and your preschool in a way that no other conference will.